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1) Bubble, or Donk Booty so luscious it's like it has super powers. 2) Enough Junk in the trunk that the fit chick can knock stuff over if she don't take care when walking, backing up, turning around on a daily basis. 3) So gifted in the hind department, if some chick not paying attention bumper cars her in the butt with a shopping cart, she ok.
Ex.1. I can't quit Mysteria, that invincibooty hold me captive. 2. Invincibooty so plush she knocks over my floor lamp when she turns to leave. 3. Some chick was distracted driving her cart , and plowed into Mysteria's butt. It bounced right off her Invincibooty, and into a shelf of shampoo. She ok, Mysteria was surprised when I toldher she had a bruise though.
by InvincibootySuperhero June 17, 2018
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