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1. Committing as little as possible to a situation
2. Making a covert exit from a place or situation

Originated in the Silicon Valley tech scene when companies are bluffing prior to a market exit in order to increase asset value or simply to stop staff brain drain prior to an asset sale. It is an ironic phrase, intended to mean the exact opposite.

See also Doublespeak, sarcasm, cynicism. Not to be confused with the common misuse of irony
1. “We expect to lose money in Southeast Asia and expect to invest aggressively in terms of marketing, subsidies etc,”

D. Khosrowshahi - Feb 2018. Uber sells March 2018

2. "You turning up to the boss' party on Saturday?"
"I plan on 'investing aggressively' in the optional company social this weekend..."
by IronicIsntIronyAlanis June 06, 2018
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