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Often confused with the micropenis, an inverted vagina resembles a penis, but is much shorter. The inverted vagina is commonly found on males, however, it can be observed on both genders. It is a common misconception that the inverted vagina still acts as a vagina. Despite its name, the inverted vagina enjoys being the penetrator. WARNING: During intercourse, the inverted vagina has been known to infiltrate the penis and destroy the penis from the inside. USE CAUTION WHEN PLAYING WITH INVERTED VAGINA. KEEP AWAY FROM EYES, MOUTH AND SMALL CHILDREN.
"Check out Cole's micropenis"
"No way dude, that is an inverted vagina, I don't fuck with them."
by Zt2 April 16, 2015
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An extremely rare condition in which the vagina is upside down and somehow fused with the asshole.
"Watch out for her, I hear she's got an inverted vagina. My friend said she even pooped out his ass baby last year."
by Ali The Vagina Expert December 30, 2007
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