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A rich area located near Barrington, IL and Palatine, IL that has rich and upper middle class families. The students usually attend Fremd HS. There are no sidewalks and to get to anywhere you need to ride your bike or drive a car because of the distances from homes to any place decent to hang out. As a kid you most likely spent your time at home or over at a friends house because your parent drove you there or you rode a bike. Once you can drive you hardly ever hang out in Inverness because you've got more options. There is a town hall, but almost no public services and until a few years ago Inverness's police services were from Barrington or Palatine, now there are two squad cars. Inverness still doesn't have a fire department of its own. Also, Inverness is so small that no one knows of Inverness if you go further south in Illinois, so you have to tell them its near Barrington, Palatine or Schaumburg.

tl;dr: Inverness is rich and there is nothing to do there.
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Oh, I live in Inveness Illinois.
Person 1: Where is that?
Person 2: Oh its near Palatine.... Barrington....
Person 1: Ah, got it.
by ex-Inverness resident April 16, 2011
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