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Introverted Domme

An "all masculine" dominant guy who wouldn't have it any other way, while having very low physical energy, not being very sexually potent, and very easily overwhelmed. Introverted Dommes go flaccid in a hot casual encounter if it turns out to be more rough than they assumed. If the partners have a slightly higher energy level than the introverted dommes' weak shy energy level, the Introverted Dommes are deficient with taking charge, wasting horny people's time when they get into sexual situations that are way over their little penises' heads. Introverted Dommes really only "successfully dominate" extremely introverted subs that may come off as mute at first impression. Introverted Dommes are a psycho-sexual mystery. It is speculated that they fear getting in touch with their passive side due to a deep personal insecurity.
I had a date with an introverted domme the other day. I was hard, and he was too, but then I laid down on the bed in submission to his petite prowess, he ultimately could not insert. Disparagingly, he went flaccid and gave up, and politely with a puny voice, he blamed me for not wanting to fuck hard enough. LOL. What a silly little introverted domme!
by Quantum Singularity June 07, 2015
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