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1) The act of introtaining; thinking about something funny to yourself either to pass the time or to tune out a present situation, usually to the point of laughing or smiling to yourself.

2) The unintentional amusement provided by someone saying what's on their mind in a small, formal, public, gathering of strangers--like in line at the bank or in an elevator.
1) (In History class)


Dude, what are you laughing at? The teachers looking at you.

Oh, what? Sorry, I was just thinking of this one episode of Steve Harvey Show when Levita goes to Ceddie, she goes...

Dude, just tell me later...



2) (In line at the check cashing spot)


Oh, so Levita goes to Ceddie she goes...

Dude, check it out...

Crazy Drunk Dude:

You know why we gotta stand in this long ass line on Labor day? Give me one reason why they only got one guy workin' up in here! I'll give you a reason, because they want black people to suffer, that's why!

Crazy Drunk Lady:
Shut up you! Whatever I give you you'd better duck it! Now HUSH!

Crazy Drunk Dude:

I feel sorry for your husband you old Bat...


Now that's good introtainment.


by phylfo-jean September 08, 2009
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