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The show Intervention on A&E is a great show to watch while you get high. To be an addict on that show would be the equivalent of being on that douchebag, grave-robber Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd. These addicts think they're doing a documentary about their drug use, and on the last day of the "documentary", usually after they do a big shot of china white, or smoke an ungodly amount of meth, they show up to the interview only to be surprised by their friends and family reading poorly wriiten letters about how "your drug use has affected me in the following ways"(almost always in those exact words). Then they go on to make em go to a ridiculously Hollywood-esque rehab facility where most of em leave after a few weeks or so and continue on the same path they were on before they were tricked into going to rehab in the first place. For the hardcore junkie, interventions lead to feelings of betrayal and humiliation and a total loss of trust. Then, with nobody left who shows these addicts any respect,they spiral into a life of crime which leads to a stiff prison sentence, and all the sudden that "rock bottom" everyone always talks about comes way too fast and hard, and the only thing left to do is the biggest shot that anyones ever done, and drift off to permanent sleep.
If my family ever tricked me into an Intervention on A&E, I can guaranfuckintee the FCC wouldnt air that episode. I would make sure Jeff VanVonderen and Candy Finnigan,(the 2 interventionists), were being scraped off the floor by my back-stabbing, spineless "friends and family." Then I'd sell their organs on the black market for heroin money.
by SpoonandaNeedle December 28, 2011
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