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A person on the internet, most likely a loser, who uses people, especially girls, to to anything he so wishes. He will charm girls he does not know, then 'groom' them, as it were, then persistently tell them how he loves them, and wishes he could buy a plane ticket to come and 'visit' her. Also uses falsified, glorified, less than bona-fide claims like he has cancer, or is injured in some fatal way.

Yet, the girl always knows this guy is lying terribly, and when he is confronted, he will get angry or sad with her, and do whatever he can to try and stay near her, even when she has blocked him.

He is a massive attention whore, and a huge Narcissist.

Care should be taken to avoid this fellow, for as unlikely as it sounds, he might stop cyber dating and meet someone for real, and kidnap them.
Internet Wazzock: Ohh you know that quake we had in Cali? I grandfather clock fell on me, and i got glass right through my pupil and am scared to go to the doctor...

Person: Oh yeah? Like the time you said you had Cancer?

Internet Wazzock: I'm not lying *tries to back up with outlandish claims*
by midnightpanda April 18, 2010
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