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When you make a comment about a celebrity that's generally unfavorable and some random person you don't know claims that you're jealous of said celebrity and claims that you're broke and you're just upset because you don't have their fame or specific networth. Hence, at the same time, the person defending the celebrity is most likely not any wealthier than you and is eager to surf on the celebrity's dick even though they don't know he/she exist.
Person 1: This nigga young thug sounds like he raps with aspergers and gurgles with mud, why do people like this nigga?
Person 2: shut up you broke ass nigga you just mad that you live a sphagetti o's can and young thug got a mountain for a house nigga hahaha stay broke nigga #richgang
Person 1: Ahh another Internet secretary, tell me, what does his dick look like in the morning?
by J brown. January 06, 2015
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