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Internet Troll Personality Disorder (ITPD) is characterized by a persistent pattern of obstructing of on-topic discussion in online forums and comment threads. People afflicted with ITPD may purposefully present themselves as being inappropriately sexually provocative or racist. Often times they disingenuously express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, pretend to throw arbitrary tantrums, and never hesitate to contribute absurd, non-sequitur remarks at any perceived opportunity.

The etiology of ITPD is still being researched, but scholars agree that afflicted individuals usually enjoy some type of unfulfilling (and unsupervised) employment situation where they have access to computers with internet connections.
Guy #1: So Dean got fired?

Guy #2: Yeah, PLUS he's facing CRIMINAL charges of harassment by wire. You see, someone who Dean was harassing, via the internet, traced his IP address to one of our company's computers. So...

Guy #1: So, good 'ol Dean was bored at work all the time, and this is just another classic case of Internet Troll Personality Disorder, huh?
by Davey Gagunga April 07, 2011
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