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A slighty above average attractive woman, very insecure who creates a Facebook, Myspace or anything date site related just to stick her nose up high and sluff everyone eg, chats, messages and inbox's to make herself feel all hot and sexy. She usually has about 100 very revealing pictures some of which have some sort of alcohol beverage in it or a meathead ex in it.
(some sort of site)
(Internet Princess)
Hi my name is Cassandra I am NOT single and NOT looking. I am just here to meet friends.

(John) So wtf this bitch doing on here then????
(Darryl) ohhh dude she's an internet princess here I will tell you what she is really saying...

Real translation. (Internet Princess)
Hi my name is Cassandra I am single and very desperate for attention and need men to talk to me to feel important. I will only message you back if you have a very nice truck or money.
by JiggyTheGreat February 13, 2012
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