The idea that karma (or some form of redemption) can be obtained by arguing points against racism, violence, sexuality, and morality on the internet. People that believe in this generally seek to improve their own conscience and appear to hold high moral values on a strictly online-basis. They do not, however, act on many of their opinions in real life.

These individuals also have a tendency to flame even the smallest of references that might be deemed “offensive”. To them, standing up for a group of people that deserves sympathy or a particular cause nets “Internet Karma Points” which can be redeemed to clear their conscience of immoral actions committed off the net.
Josh: Well, at least now less jobs will get outsourced to Japan.

Carl: "You ignorant fool" *insert rant about how Guy 1 is a terrible human being*

Kelly: "That's a good point Carl, Josh was really being ignorant, but weren't you just telling me last week about how you hated Japan because they were going to buy up all of your precious iPads? Quit trying to earn those Internet Karma Points and get a life."
by SilverContrail March 26, 2011
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