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International Multi-sexualism (IM) is a positive ideology for humanity with the sole intention of uniting everyone. At the heart of this philosophy is that we are all ONE regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality or gender.

'International' stands for the fact that it doesn't matter where you are from in the world, we all one. We all love going on holidays and every young person you meet wants to stop war, wants to connect and get on with having a good happy healthy life.

'Multi-sexual' means that it doesn't matter what sexuality anyone is unless you are going to have sex with that person then it's got nothing to do with you or anybody else, this can not be governed by legislation -it is not a votable issue.

All it takes is a slight shift in consciousness to stop hatred, racism, religism and homophobia of past generations. We have a chance to reset things in our generation and prevent a repeat of all the horrible atrocities we've seen over the past few years. We all International Multisexuals and we must stand together.
I'm an International Multisexual and so are you. We are all International Multisexuals
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