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Standard universal tool used to rate the respective flaccidity or turgidness of a male's genitals in any situation worth officially documenting:

1 Completely Flaccid
2 Stirring of the Loins
3 Beginning to Lift
4 Fun, Yet Floppy
5 Nursing the Perfect Semi
6 Veins & Details Appear
7 Hot to Touch
8 Rebounds to Hit the Stomach
9 Moves of its Own Accord*
10 Permanent Erection**
*Must be able to perform one complete cock push-up.
**Only achievable through Viagra/Cocaine - requires surgical removal.
In England:

Josh: "Jesus man, does Max have a boner??"
Ross: "Aye, about a 6 on the International Boner Scale, no doubt"
Josh: "Yeah, I'd agree with that"

En France:

Jacques: "Zut alors! Max, a-t-il la trique??!"
Sébastien: "Ouais... Un six selon l'échelle internationale des érections"
Jacques: "Ben je suis d'accord..."
by shanghaiunderground September 10, 2009
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