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When you believe that the white man is so superior to you in every way you decide to lighten your hair wear contacts bleach your skin to feel less ethnic, brown or black.

Basically it means you have a little white man inside your heart dictating your likes and dislikes thus ruining your self-esteem, confidence and creating self doubt about how useful is your blackness or brown complexion .

It makes you believe that why people are superior to every other race for creating what you think are the good things of the Western world. you give white people full credit for innovations great ideas even calling them genius while calling your very own people ignorant, trap queens, ghetto, bitches, hoes and THOTS.

Basically it comes down to racism that has been internalized so deeply that you start believing that your white because you hate your blackness. Or in the case of Latinos those light complected brown people that think that they're better than the really dark complected brown indigenous natives .

In the case of Filipinos same thing .

Any culture that suffered colonization meaning Christopher Columbus arrived and brought the races notions about brown people might believe this , including African Indians in any person of color .
I got plastic surgery because my nose looked too Aztec

Damn girl you're suffering from internal colonization
by ChicanaFeliz June 04, 2015
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