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A term in underground traveling subcultures of Freight train hopping,Hitchhiking,Squatting,Gypsies,Hobos,migrant punks used to describe ones ability to travel using any & all available modes of travel for free or dirt cheap. Trains(freight,passenger &public transit),Hitchhiking,Rideshare,Planes,Mopeds,Motorcycles,Bicycles,Horses,Goats & Boats & maybe even walking for a spell if it is the only available option. Derived from an actual term in the freight shipping industry meaning to move freight using Rail,Ships & Trucks.
The Bulls chased us out of the Stockton yard so we had to go intermodal for awhile. We got picked up on the 5 by some hippees who drove us as far as LA where we hung out at a squat & lined up a rideshare to Tucson.
by stphighwayman January 22, 2010
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