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Interacting with the consumer (where they live) through entertaining content that invites them to become part of the campaign and even share the branding message.

Today's consumers have so many advertising messages coming at them, most advertisers are having to come up with new ways to keep their attention.

Words like Social Media, Product Placement, Branding and Viral Marketing are thrown around like baseballs but who truly understands the terms or what they mean? The term Interactive Entertainment Marketing (I.E.M) was coined by Mr. Jody Sigmund after 25 years in the marketing and advertising arena. Sigmund has worked with companies the likes of Palms Casino, Inked Magazine, Playboy, Affliction Clothing, Hustler, Michael Jackson and a list of others.
Interactive Entertainment Marketing (I.E.M.) is reaching the consumer on their turf, through facebook, twitter and YouTube and offering a gift with purchase for posting their own video and asking them to explain why they like a certain advertiser's product. The winner is based on how many friends like the video post and / or how many comments they receive. This is just one example. Another example is by placing product on actors in YouTube videos, television or theatrical releases and then tying links through smart phone applications that direct to the advertisers P.O.S.
by AdForceOne December 07, 2011
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