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is a Rotary Club sponsored organization for teenagers aged 14-18. Interact stands for International Action and carries out projects based on four main elements, Community Service, Finance, International Understanding and Club Service.
The first Interact Club was founded in the USA in 1962. Now there are approxamitely 9000 Interact Clubs globally, with a membership of around 210,000 teenagers.
Interact is basically a happy mix of a service club and a social society, a little of both but not too much of one. Teens can mingle amongst one another whilst managing beneficial projects.
The Community Service part of Interact consists of projects benefitting the underprivelleged and for raising funds for the community.
The Club Service department mainly does projects which benefits the club such as membership drives.
The Finance department handles projects which collect funds for club usage.
International Understanding is mainly about bringing everyone closer to one another. IU (short form) Departments usually have an annual IU Day/Night themed on a culture or a country, so members of the club can understand foreign people more and thus brings the world closer.
The Interact Club, on a whole is a stepping stone for teenagers to bring them into the adult world in terms of character, social stability and management capabilities.
Many members from this school joins the Interact Club. It's a massive organization and their recent charity concert is quite successful!
by calV May 01, 2005
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Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people ages 14-18. The program gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. Interact is BETTER THAN KEY CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!
helping the community, promoting service above self
by INTERACT IS BETTER THAN KEY February 07, 2005
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