= Having no tolerance for mental pain/work to solve problems.
- having trouble solving a math problem? Give up and blame it on your teacher!
- have no idea how to think something through? Put it off and let someone else figure it out.
- having trouble understanding an argument of someone else? There's no need to understand them - they're wrong anyway!
- have an unsettled question that bothers you? Leave it unanswered. Your questions don't matter!
- not sure if the author of a news article is right? Just hope they know what they're doing and don't think about it!

These are examples on how to be intellectually lazy.

Don't be this way!
Jonathan: Do these people know where their phones are coming from?!
Zacarius: No. Either they do not care where the phones come from or they try not to think about it.
They must be intellectually lazy when choosing products.
Jonathan: It's very likely that they are, considering that the ones they use come from slave-wage factories with poor working conditions.
Zacarius: They should buy x-phones. They're evidently eco-friendly, made in good factories, a good investment for long-term use, and user-friendly.
by gotmurc June 28, 2016
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Dickhead is so intellectually lazy, I just saw him call his wife to tell her he'll be fucking his girlfriend tonight.
by Elswt August 15, 2016
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