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An Inteligentleman is someone who is polite, well-mannered, responsible, and is man of his word. Also defined as someone who can't be argued with directly due to the fact that they can reasonably articulate thier ideas/beliefs beyond the point of repeating the same statement over and over again. His Arch-frenemy is the Ghetto-trash Leech. Also a little narcissistic, but hey who doesn't have personality flaws?
Ghetto-Trash Leech " the sky is blue"

Inteligentleman " No the sky appears blue due to our perception of the visable light spectrum. To someone who is color-blind the sky is gray. Reality is perception"

Ghetto-trash Leech " nothin in the universe can move faster than the speed of light"

Inteligentleman " That is also untrue the universe itself expands at a rate faster than the speed of light. Some scientist believe it is increasing in speed exponentially. Black-holes also intake matter faster than the speed of light"

Ghetto-trash Leech " the sky is blue and nottin moove fasta den light. U is a stoopid fat ugly retard with a small dick and Black-holes are African-American anuses whats you stick ur weener in"

Inteligentleman " I'm sorry I think I am having a stroke because the things you say continue to sound more and more "stoopid" so I will have to bid you good-day sir"
by J'onn J'onzz PWNZZ June 30, 2014
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