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An Intarweb Gangstar Idiot is basically someone who is so idiotically stupid that it is beyond belief. They are often the "friends" who come to attack someone when a fight breaks out on an internet site because they are just that KEWL. They often use idiotic slang and are usually 15-17 years of age. Behaviour includes not being able to go away when told, breaking site rules, using disgusting language and being racist. Mostly they troll around in groups of two with an accompanying sockpuppet they usually class as a "cuzin". Mostly they hang around sites such as sheezyart and the like attacking people because no one bothers with them or likes them. Often blaims other people for stealing/copying ideas and art work when they are usually guilty of that themselves.
IceDeath: "zomg you must have stolen my friends art work because the one you have posted is better than anything she has in her own gallery and I don't care you have the original and she dosn't! I don't care what people say because I'm KEWL and an Intarweb Gangstar Idiot"

IceDeath: "JayKaiba is my myspace link because I'm to much of a noob to think up anything that could be classed as an original!"

IceDeath: "I don't care what the DA/SA/Site admins say because I'm obviously RIGHT cause I'm to perfect and special to make mistakes."

IceDeath: "zomg standing up to me makes you a racist whore!"

Sammychan: Riiight. You're so obviously clever it hurts. Shut up and go cry to your sockpuppet cousin.

*Intarweb Gangstar Idiot goes to cry in the corner alone over her own stupidty and lameness because no one ever really believes them!*
by Bunny Aino October 14, 2009
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