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A person who usually goes into an abandoned building and "flicks" pictures usually with an iPhone or Android. They claim to be a photographer or artist after editing their 5 megapexil shot with a fisheye and over abusive HDR effect. Snapseed is usually the #1 "editing" program they use. You can spot them out in real life as they are usually middle aged wearing a bandana around their mouth or disposable dust mask as a form of protection. If you do see them don't be alarmed as they usually stick to one place only and proclaim themselves as an explorer. Lastly they abuse hashtags by using some type of subject following the day in the week "brickmonday" "rustythursday" and put a quote from someone they know nothing about in order to make them sound intellectual. The more crews they are in the better Instagram urban explorer they are.
Girl: Hey Why can't I take pictures in the dark?

Guy: Well stop using your ipad you whore and get a real camera. Fucking Instagram Urban Explorers.
by Jhm June 15, 2014
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