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Also referred to as ITBES, this is a serious psychological disorder. It doesn't really matter if you catch it early on or not, as unfortunately, there is no cure. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to:

- Irritability when passing a Taco Bell and not purchasing a Taco Bell product.
- Craving Taco Bell 24/7.
- Trying to make a Taco Bell substitute at home. When the chef with ITBES fails, he or she will throw the taco creation at the wall, screaming "THIS WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH! I NEED TACO BELL NOW!" (or a variation of this phrase).
Coping with Insatiable Taco Bell Eating Syndrome has been tough. Taco Bell is my nicotine, and unlike cigarettes, I cannot walk into any store any buy it.

I must always be within 20 miles of a taco bell, or I will become sick and irritable. For long road trips, or plane flights, I will pack multiple faux-"Crave Cases" as I call them, in order to make the journey until I am in close proximity to another Taco Bell.
by Petey Mik March 13, 2008
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