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to innskeep (verb): referring to Steve Innskeep of NPR.

Definition ONE: To Innskeep is to state the obvious, to rephrase, or provide unnecessary explanation. Often done while interrupting a guest or interviewee.

Definition TWO: To Innskeep is to express your stupidity on-air.
Definition One Example: This morning while interviewing Tina Brown from The Daily Beast, Steve Innskeep interrupted Ms Brown mid-sentence when she referred to the CIA. "Now for our listeners, CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency," he innskeeped.

Definition Two: Steve Innskeep of NPR interviewed a New Zealand journalist about the death of Sir Edmund Hillary. During the interview the NZ journalist referred to Sir Edmund. NPR's announcer noticed and commented,"You've referred to him as Sir Edmund several times. So you knew him personally?" The journalist had to explain was a Knight of the British Empire and this allowed him to use the title "Sir" before his first name. I guess he really Innskeeped it.
by Ms Anne Thrope July 23, 2012
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