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1. A term used to justify flirting with people for entertainment purposes only but not because there is a sincere interest in anyone being flirted with.

2. A married person who continues to flirt with people outside their marriage just to prove they've "still got it".

3. A woman who flirts just enough to keep the attention of someone she's not really interested in but doesn't want to give up the preferential treatment.

4. A woman who flirts only to make her self feel sexy and/or desirable with no regard for anyone's feelings but her own.

5. A term which provides plausible deniability when someone gets caught cheating on their s/o.
* Examples of each numbered item above:

1. He/she knows I'm in a relationship so he/she should have known it was just innocent flirting.

2. We've never gone past innocent flirting, but if I wasn't married, the things I would love to do to that!

3. I'm not really interested in him. I just do a little innocent flirting to make him feel good about buying me gifts and taking me out to eat.

4. We only talked for a little while, but I know he wants me BAD! I could have him anytime I want, but for now, I'm not doing anything more than innocent flirting.

5. I wasn't doing anything wrong, it was just innocent flirting.
by Jamalizm June 04, 2011
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