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When a texter sends the first text, usually along the lines of "Hey what's up?? :)", this is known as the initiatory text. Through comparing the average number of initiatory texts sent by two participants to each other, an initiatory text ratio can be determined. The ITR is a clear indicator of who is the more interested of the two. If for every five initiatory texts you send, there is usually one in return, the ITR is 5:1 in the textee's favor, and you're just not in good shape. Ideally a 1:1 ratio is reached, but only in the most compatible of relationships. The ITR is on the same level of dependability as the theory of gravity itself.
"Dude, how are things going with Amanda???"

"Not good, the Initiatory Text Ratio is around 15:1, i might as well give up now,"

"I don't blame ya bro, the ITR never fails."
by matt160 January 28, 2009
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