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Inframapping is the mapping of the infrastructure behind a web site or web service. Essentially to fingerprint or determine the unique characteristics or signature of a web site or web service for the purposes of categorization for fraud and enhanced security against Phishing scams and Identity Theft scams.

Inframapping as an anti-fraud, anti-phishing and anti-spam technique was coined as an anti-phishing technology phrase by SP Touch Group LLC in late 2010 with the introduction of the wumber anti-spam and wumber anti-phishing product family. The technique was designed specifically to aide in the identification and segregation of Phishing web sites and not permit a user to enter real authentication or login details into a fake web site which had been established for the purposes of Identity Theft or fraud.

Every web site and web service has unique characteristics from DNS (Domain Names Server) entries, IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses and server or machine names that participate in the formation and delivery of a web site or web service. These characteristics together form the Inframapping for the public (or displayed) portion of a web site or web service.
A web site called will have a unique IP Address of say ( and the ancillary services that support this web site may include Network Load Balanced addresses in a Round Robin style DNS arrangement of A Records say (,, while email or MX records for the service of Mail may be an array of mail services reporting, and As all IP Address records on the Internet uniquely identify a service, this arrangement is unique in the world and provides a unique signature or fingerprint for this service.

A web site pretending to be a real site will not be able to adequately or suitably create sufficient similarity in the real site and will be fingerprinted or Inframapped differently to the real site. The two sites, while they may appear identical to a human user, will generate two distinct and separate Inframaps and therefore be seen as totally unique when interrogated by any application which supports Inframapping.
by wumber December 09, 2013
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