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A flexitarian that is inflexible with the amount of meat that they eat. It is an alternative to being a vegetarian, in which one has to give up meat completely and risk not getting not enough complete proteins and Omega-3s, or being being flexetarian and not having any concrete standards to facilitate cutting back on ones meat consumption.

Specifically, one can consider themselves an inflexitarian if they limit themselves to three or less meals with meat per week. Additionally, inflexitarians should try to make the most out of the meat they do eat by:
1. Having a preference for seafood and poultry (which are healthier--especially fish with Omega-3s--and less resource intensive to produce).
2. Having a preference for meat that is high-quality, organic, sustainable, and produced in a more humane fashion.
3. Enjoying it, without feeling guilty.


A flexitarian with a backbone.
I love meat too much be be a pure vegetarian, yet I don't find being a flexitarian challenging enough. I have decided to be an inflexitarian instead.
by inflexitarian June 23, 2010
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