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1. The ability to get high and feel great off of your own body to an infinite level. 2. A supply of drugs that manifests itself from the mind of the user and never runs out. 3. Getting high off of human "products", instead of plant based or synthetic based products. 4. A sensitivity, usually sexual, of the human body and the ability to tap into this sensitivity to an infinite degree and cause the body to react in intended ways! 5. Never ending regeneration or never ending reincarnation of the body.
1. That dude walks around in an infinite-soma of his own stank. 2. Yo, did you see that dude pull that bag of drug out of no where? He's got infinite-soma! 3. Those that get high from smoking their own feces, have an infinite soma to tap into. 4. Do you see that person over there with all the lovers, s/he's got a magic touch, you could say they got an infinite soma. 5. Wolverine from X-Men has infinite soma.
by Zero$ March 27, 2015
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