No. The Infinite feedback loops I was talking about. Me. Not him.
Hym "You mean the Infinite feedback loops that I was talking about? Yeah... I'm a genius. Another brilliant observation from the guy you reference 100 times a week. See how little effort what you do takes for me? How many people have I saved? In 5 years? The mass shootings have gone down (because 😩 I'm a genius and you're not😩). I tell the Chinese people to rise up. The next day? Articles about just that. Should I do the Muslims next? CEOs maybe? That's gotta sting. And that what I think the real issue is: it's not the insinuations. It's that I said anyone could do the thing you do. And I was wrong! I'm just exceptional. Absolutely brilliant. A Goddamn genius. Wow! What a good job, me! ThAnKs oThEr Me! Am I just imitating competence? That's one hell of an imitation! That is some Itachi Uchiha level genjutsu right there! Even the imitation is so good it's laudable! Wonder how well my Logos works in the midst of a societal collapse 🤔 Guess we'll find out. No doubt better than yours but that's the feature and not the bug. It's gotta be weird to not be an archetypal figure. I can only vaguely remember what that feels like... Have fun with that! I'm also a cult leader too so, technically, I too am a prophet. Except with more of an impact."
by Hym Iam July 30, 2022