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1) A dick in which there is no end and no beginning. In the form of the infinity sign, the 8th and widely unknown final symbol of the apocalypse. Many believe that the infinidick will not have an owner that it will float amongst society while others believe that the 3rd sign of the end of the world (David Hasselhauff) will be the owner of the infinidick.

2) a term used when you can't seem to finish or get aroused enough to climax.

3) a new fetish amongst the preteens to masturbate before they can even procreate or produce functional sperm
Oh god I finally got rid of my infinidick

And Jesus said that the Infini-dick will reign upon us with tyranny
by dartingtonmouth March 25, 2009
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An infinite dick. It is in the shape of the infinity symbol. It has no head, begininning or end. it will be the end of the world. Infini-Dick is the eighth and widely unknown sign of the apocolyse. It is a free form, never ending, floating shaft of penis.
Infini-Dick can not be pleased. Infini-Dick can not finish. Infini-Dick is calloused from never finishing. Infini-Dick has no end or beginning. Infini-Dick is angry. Infini-Dick shall punish you all for not being pleased. You shall all cower in fear before Infini-Dick. i really wanna jizz.
by infinidick March 24, 2009
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