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Indominus rex is a new attraction in Jurassic World. The hybrid was created by combining the genetic traits of multiple species. Some of the known species that were used in the creation of the hybrid are Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, and Therizinosaurus, as well as modern animals like cuttlefish and an unspecified species of Tree frog. It served as the main antagonist of the film Jurassic World.
The Indominus Rex can blend into it's surroundings.
by Legomaster536 September 25, 2015
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Phrase meaning that a deceased cannot rest in peace until society changes due to the circumstances of a death.
People said rest in power for the unarmed man had been shot by the police.
by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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A sex position in which you wait for your partner to visit the bathroom, and once they're inside you must run at the screaming "INDOMINUS REX" while scratching them and growling like a dinosaur. Once they say, "What are you doing?" you push them out of the way and take a piss on their face.
Girl: "Babe, when we get home, I'm gonna Indominus Rex you so hard."
Guy: "Who the fuck are you? Get out of my car, please, or I'm calling the police."
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by RCPotatoSoup November 21, 2016
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