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1. A Conservative logical contortion and generalization that implies that all Liberals believe all cultures are equally good and none are better than any another, and if you don't discriminate between good and bad cultures you have no right to say what is good or bad, period. Therefore Liberals should "shut the fuck up" like they're continually told to on Fox News. Found in arguments against the Muslim religion (Muslim meaning Terrorist), immigration, and other topics that offend their belligerent nationalism.

2. A Conservative code-term invented by a think tank called the The Heritage Foundation specifically to attack Liberal ideas. Used in the Conservative "Control Through Language" campaign to brainwash good, well intending, people to support their continual attack against the Bill of Rights and Democracy in general in post 9/11 America.
Jack: I called the DMV today and I had to press "1" to get English and "2" if I wanted Spanish...

Nick the NeoNazi: Damn Libruls and their indiscriminate multiculturalism forcing you to press a button just to make some wetback happy!


Jane: I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a towelhead on my plane! How in the Lord's name did he get a ticket?!

Nick the NeoNazi: Fucking Democrats forcing indiscriminate multiculturalism on the airlines! Haven't they been through enough?! All Dems and Terrorist should be shot!
by Emmanuel Goldstein 1984 March 23, 2008
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