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The stoner is a girl/boy who likes indie rock ( modest mouse, cage the elephant, earlier foster the people, death cab for cutie, ect..) and who smokes cannabis on a regular basis. an indie-stoner might also consumer physchedelics as well, such as LSD or salvia. you wont find many of them, and when you do they are kind of withdrawn, unless the topic up for conversation comes to music. they usually wear a unbuttoned button up flannel shirt for a "coat", with some band t-shirt with an unpopular or unknown band to most underneath of that. for pants they usually wear faded blue/black jeans with or without holes in them. they usually really like collecting and listening to vinyl, and often get high/trip while listening to their favorite indie bands. they rarely drink and party, and don't mind smoking or having a trip with themselves. also in general there not very social people. they also rarely drink and think pot is waaay better than alchahol. they ussually hate rap, but dont have a problem with the people that listen to it. the few friends that they have, when they have drugs, they'll always make an offer to their friends to take them with them. they also are ussually in good shape (not fat) and have hair down to their shoulder or the middle of their neck. they ussually wont talk to strangers unless they are spoke to, and because of this they often have trouble making friends. also, they avoid big social situations at all costs.
mom: how was your day?

girl: ok.

have you been hanging out with indie-stoner weirdo again??

girl: maybe.

mom: kids like that will get you no where in life!

girl: ok. (leaves)
by stonerdude360 November 29, 2012
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