Its not about how you look
its about how you think
its not about what you listen to
or what you wear

its about why you do.

Indie isn’t a 'look' or a 'style' it’s part of the way you think, independent from what the mainstream wants you to think (which would explain the love of political debates), independent from what Elle and Cosmo want you to wear this month, independent from what MTV plays, independent from labels and restrictions in general. Basically indie means following your own mind.

Meaning: if you listen to a song or wear clothes because it’s the latest chart topper or must have

and stop listening to it or wearing it because its "soo last month"
- you're not 'so-called' indie simply because you are obviously not thinking

independently, you follow what others prescribe, suggest, and do.

Therefore if you listen to indie bands and wear skinnys and scarfs
because you want to be indie then you are NOT indie, because you are yet
again simply following.

The only reason why I think there even is a ‘indie look’ is because all 'indie peeps'

think alike and shy away from labels and anything mainstream and commercial.

This of course does not mean that they never ever wear labels or like something

that is commercial it just means that if and when they do, it’s not because it’s a

label or whatever, but because they want to and they don't allow themselves to be

bound by some definition and set of do's and don’ts.

They think for themselves , they like what they want.
Trying to be an indie person contradicts the whole concept...

it's not something you can buy, its something you just are,
dressing in skinny's and oldish clothe's to be an indie person won't make you indie, it just makes you a poser.
by Jac.k August 27, 2009
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Indie is not about how you dress or what music you listen to, it's about your personality and the way you look at life.

An 'indie' person is someone who is independent and thinks for themselves. They don't follow the latest trends and listen to the latest music to try and fit into mainstream society, they just do what they like.

Indie people only do what they want because they are independant people and like to dress the way they want and listen to whatever music they like etc. However, some like to wear fashion labels, and some like to listen to some songs that are in the charts.

An indie won't go out of their way to be 'different', that is what posers do. An indie is someone who is born with a personality that means they don't fit into other stereotypes, such as emo, chav, mosh, goth, punk etc. Just because they are 'indie', does not mean they only listen to indie music. Some listen to lots of different genres of music.

Some indie people wear clothes that are 'different', they stand out in society with their quirky dress sense. However, some indies just look like your average person, but it's their personality and the way they think that makes them indie.
Observing your average indie person...

Alice: Look at her, she's listening to Escape The Fate..She must be emo.
Kate: But she's not dressed emo, she just looks average.

-Next day-

Alice: Look there she is again, she's listening to Rihanna this time
Kate: WTF...Oh, she must be indie :)
by Potato! December 17, 2010
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a person who does not care what anybody thinks or what is going on around them.
an indie person loves random music that no one has ever heard of. they often like to wear what most people would consider "gay" attire. such as scarfs, striped shirts, colorful jeans, messed up hair as if they just woke up,tons of bracelets, and the list goes on. o yea and a person who wears v-necks
indie people see life in a whole new perspective. really random stuff turns them on, random pictures of random things, and drawings of random ass designs and creative shit. example:a piggen walking down the street will catch their attention, or taking pics of them selves while smoking a cigg, in front of a no smoking sign. or just a picture of them selves walking down some back road alone.
this is really the best and real definition of an indie person.
examples of indie people:
~tommy dunn (some guy who just does not give a fuck)
~chris martin (coldplay)
paulina: omg your soo fucking indiee

john: hey dude whats up
indie person:..
john:what are you going to do today
idie person: i dont know, ill probably go take some pictures indie shit. then go do what ever the fuck i want

by chiggs91 March 12, 2009
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