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Indie Obscurity Laws (also known as IOLs) are the laws that help indie kids choose their music.

1. Band must be heard of by NOBODY.
2. When heard of by - even by just one person - they are considered mainstream and no good.
3. If ever played on the radio, the band is no longer indie and must be called "overplayed" or "overrated".
4. Must have a ridiculous name (preferably something foreign) like Leidaek, or The Fisher's Leaf, or even Killing All Pigeons.
5. Does not have to be real music. Can be random videogame noises and mumbling.
6. Anybody who doesn't follow these strict laws, has awful, mainstream, commercialized music taste.
Person: Oh, yeah. I like Metro Station, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Owl City.

Indie: Omg. Ur music taste is the most overplayed, unoriginal, crappy taste ever. Go die in a hole or listen to some decent music like -insert indie band name here-.

Person: Wow. You must follow the Indie Obscurity Laws religously.

Indie: Hellz yeah. God forbid me listen to the mainstream crap that you listen to. Idiot.
by JDizzleHomez August 24, 2009
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