A Western Canada based Aboriginal (Indian/Native) based gang operating predominantly out of Winnipeg, Mb.

They are very rascist towards Caucasian races, and will spare no mercy if you are not Native. They have been involved in every type of criminal activity, ranging from preying on white people Downtown, to large marijauna cultivation operations, and huge illegal heists.

You can't go to downtown Winnipeg past 8:00PM without being jacked, sexually assaulted or beaten up by the scummy Indian Posse in Winnipeg.

If you are any race but Native, stay away from Downtown.
by xxspykexx October 22, 2007
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Indian Posse is a band of wild Renegades from the 1800's who use Tomahawks, Rifles, Knifes, Revolvers they wear red bandanas and do scalpings.

Indian Posse is made up of many different posses with different rules, Posse name, clothing, rivals, allies, handsigns, missions, each posse member has thier own specific warcry, and each posse member has thier own specific different Warpaint, etc

Indian Posse has Posses in every province in Canada and the USA. There are 20,000 Indian Posse members in different posses around the globe.
When you hear an Indian Posse shouting warcry's you should run because thier Posse have rifles, revolvers, tomahawks and the Posse does scalpings on haters
by ANIIMOOZIIBII August 16, 2019
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