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Independence High School the most boring school out of the 10 high schools in Frisco Texas. No fights happen and 50% of the population just Indians who moved in because of the so called "blessed land" around the new temples constantly being built. It stinks like ass/curry if your in 20 feet proximity of any Indian. Besides that there many overly obnoxious black people who think they're the shit. Also full of white girls who get their nudes leaked and and make false accusations to ruin guys. One thing that each race from there has in common is they get trust funds and free cash from their rich parents, only making them even more bitchy and entitled than they already naturally are. The Indians are only in nice houses for being up to their ears in debt. Mrs. Robinson sides with the girls on anything that is taken to the AP's. She is shaped like that exercise ball. Mr. Solano is an uptight dumb fuck who likes the sound of his own voice. The bald ass officer Officer Hancock (pronounced handcock) is a no good dumbass who gets paid to look like a Gru. He's always standing to the side of the halls by the fire extinguisher looking like that dumb fuck vampire that's flickering the lights from that one spongebob episode everyone watched as a kid. They take away everyone's right of having their stuff in a backpack. Not to mention that everyone there is fake to each other and is only focused on wearing gucci belts and the newest, most expensive outfit of the week. Fuck Hime.
"Oh, you go to Independence High School?"
"हां मैं समलैंगिक हूं "
"I don't know what you said 'cause you're Indian but I can already tell your a dumb fuck"
by HonestJamal May 29, 2019
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a school filled with homosexual bitches, everyone sucks super ass except for allen and brian
My mom said that i had to go to Independence High School so I shot my own dick off, and choked my mom with it.

The principal of Independence High School touched my balls in the bathroom.
by Twoguyswhoaren'tgay March 29, 2011
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