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A town in Trempealeau county Wisconsin that is now the worlds leading producer of Pig Milk. Also known for its many other successful businesses such as Anderson Fabrications. Independence also is the home of several you-tubers that had their videos become viral such as "Spiderman Beat Down" By Bolandm56, as well as a parody to Macklemores Thrift Shop known as "PIG MILK" which was a promotional video for drinking Pig Milk.

Independence, Wisconsin got famous around the world in 2013 when a redneck whom is known as Matthew or "Mattress" (He got the nickname Mattress from a foreign exchange student who was complaining about his boots smelling like shit and also because of his many times mattress surfing around Independence) revieved the world record for biggest bonfire. The fire consisted of an old oversized chicken coop and 50 used tractor tires. You were able to see the fire from satellite and will probably be visible on google earth in the future. This fire caused major pollution around Independence and the effects can be seen in Independence's public school, where a kid that lives near the bonfire site is constantly seen banging his head into computer screens, keying teachers cars, and spray-painting other students rims pink.
Person1 "hey want to go up to Independence, WI? I heard they have some awesome bonfires and I wanted to try some Piggy Milk for the first time"

Person2 "Nah, I heard they only feed the pigs in Independence dead chickens, and didnt you hear about the hillbilly that spraypaints peoples rims pink? I heard he does that because he is supporting pig milk research."

Person1 "But we would have a chance to meet the youtube celebrities that live there, and duh he is a hillbilly why else would he milk pigs"

Person2 "You mean the videos with the; Redneck dancing with pigs, the Ginger kicking a blowup spiderman, and that kid that squeaks every time he talks when he is playing a terrible guitar cover to Enter Sandman? Its a shame that those people got any views at all, Im definitely not going!

Person 1 "but I heard they give away these awesome mini tacos and pig milk samples if you tour the pig milking parlor.

Person 2 "you're weird leaving.
by 0hMrSandman April 24, 2013
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