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A writer's inability to properly break large blocks of text into paragraphs, thus causing readers intensely painful eye strain. It's a true disorder.
When Richard started his rant about social anxiety, he wanted to include as many details, knowledgeable ramblings, amusing anecdotes, and examples of his brilliance as possible. To stop this flow of thoughts with punctuation would seem like a stifling act of cruelty, so his indention deficit disorder made him keep the the words flowing, in an endless stream. It was neverending, verbose, random, and yet full of ego and intellect at the same time. It was very hard to follow, and heads exploded as lesser brains try to stay on task and follow the stream of words as they trickled across the page like a black and white pattern of useless letters with no sight of white space anywhere on the page. No breaks, no breathing room...
by TX Starfish March 02, 2009
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