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A person who has used an exaggerated and sexualised online personality to create much of an internet ado around their persona and business (usually in the creative industries) despite having little in the way of talent.

An incufuss (m) or succufuss (f) commonly draws in many fans via charming online self-promotion and an illusion of interest and sexual availability, but in reality has little interest in others and may well struggle with the practicalities and demands of his/her industries when on the job. In this way their lack of talent is masked by a potentially large fan-base, all of whom are under the illusion that this person cares about them individually and is gifted in their profession and an all round swell dude.

Once an incufuss' methods and abilities are exposed, the demon loses its power, its fan-base is freed, and there is much rejoicing. The incufuss may fight this process with accusations of jealousy, but a true incufuss' work will speak for itself.
'I think I might donate to this guy's Kickstarter, there's a lot of buzz around what he's doing.'

'Nah man, don't bother, I hear he's actually a real incufuss.'
by babalenn February 04, 2014
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