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Incompetyper is short for "Incompetent Typer" and is one (usually of a young age or equal mentality) who "tokz lyk diiz" or in some similar and idiotic way because they think it is cool and that it makes them different. Incompetyper's writings tend to consist of multiple vowels and poorly self-created "text talk." Incompetyper's also tend to insult their friends in casual conversation rather than just calling them by name or a casual slang i.e. bro, dude, man.
Incompetyper: "hAyy mutherfukker!! Wee havnt tawked iin a wiile!!! How yuu dooiin?! ii tink ii seen yuu dee udder dayy at da mall wiich iz y ima mesajin yuu now! So hmbsm! (Hit me back soon motherfucker)

Victim: Hello. Yes it has been forever. I'm doing quite well. But my dear friend I am hurt to learn that you have become an Incompetyper since our last conversation. I'm sorry to say this but until you get some help or until your hormones kick in (which ever one comes first does not matter to me) we can no longer share a camaraderie.
by William Visser III February 04, 2010
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