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A large pimple on the ass of society. Usually closed minded to have anything to do with the 1960's and above. Limit's daily tasks to riding horses, flipping rusty trucks, drinking Natural Light(R), having intercourse with said "Inbred Swine's" immediate family members: but not limited to cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.

General Interests Include verbally abusing the growth of technology and infrastructure, and any other color race besides Caucasian.

- Stay away from these people, they WILL dumb you down to their level.

In short terms an Inbred Swine(Singular) is the epitome of a human being and the embarrassment of the United States Of America.
Me: Nice dirt road.
Inbred Swine: Nice concrete.
Me: Nice horse.
Inbred Swine: Nice vehicular.
Me: Fuck you.
Inbred Swine: What? (In Confusion to definition of "Fuck")
by That Guy From The City - Aaron December 15, 2010
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Belligerent low class whitetrash redneck. Usually can be found driving lifted pickups. Completely ignorant and smug.
"Jesus, that fucking inbred swine is trying to run me off the road with his truck!"
by Bill_S January 19, 2010
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