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A redneck, generally loud and obnoxious, that roams the hallways at school screaming random and loud meaningless derogatory terms whilst rubbing snuff inside their gums. Usually live in town but act like a "country boy" by driving a large, loud 4x4 and arguing over truck makers. Always has on camo to stay disguised in any situation. Natural habitats include: The woods, high school or college bathrooms, anywhere there's snuff, mud, or big trucks
"Ew man, there's snuff on the stairs."
"Damn Inbred Pricks."

"Where are all the Inbred Pricks?"
"I don't know, they're invisible with their camo."

"A big, loud, dirty and annoying truck? F***ing Inbred Pricks."
by jkettler24 May 02, 2014
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