(From software emulators where the processor chip instructions were skipped if they weren't practical/necessary to be emulated)
1. The way any "nonstandard" religion operates today, when compared to back in the days of greco-roman or medieval europe times or the common stereotypes. A cycle accurate Aztec would capture people, sacrifice them to the Sun and eat them. To emulate the Aztecs today would require cycle innacurate emulation because cannibalism and human sacrifice is illegal. Likewise Satanists today are cycle inaccurate because they don't sacrifice goats. Wiccans today are cycle inaccurate because they don't hex their enemies or worship demons. Catholics are cycle inaccurate because they don't burn women at he stake anymore. Being cycle inaccurate is not necessarily a bad thing. The decision to be cycle inaccurate is because of practical and legal reasons.
There are probably people who call themselves Aztecs or Mayans, but that's cycle inaccurate emulation of their religion.
by Bravehearts thirst for blood December 20, 2006
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Inaccurate to such wild extent as to make one piss themselves out of raw fear. Inspired by the Richard Sandoval accounting department and known in accounting circles elsewhere since.
The inaccurance of that report blew my mind. I don't think I can actually use it.
by Lou Temprosa November 5, 2014
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