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The apostrophe serves to show possession or to create a contraction. When the apostrophe is in a contraction, it is replacing one or more letters (e.g., "cannot"->"can't"... the apostrophe replaces the letters "no").

Since an apostrophe isn't those letters, it is an impostor.

Therefore, when the apostrophe is used in a contraction, it is called an "impostorphe."
Them -> 'em (' replaces "th") as in "Let's get 'em!"

The impostorphe is the subsitute or "impostor" for the letters it replaces.
by Xenoglott May 15, 2010
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An incorrectly placed, unnecessary, or missing apostrophe.

Included in this are greengrocer's apostrophes, but any misused apostrophes can be classed as impostorphes, especially unneeded ones, and ones put in the wrong place.
The impostorphe in that sign reading "Do not feed the pig's" should be destroyed.
by isaac274 November 03, 2014
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