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Noun - Refers to a task or objective, the importance of which is appreciated only by the one doing it (such as the sort of activities kittens engage in with great enthusiasm).

(Note: The word "kitten" can be substituted with any other noun to cater to a specific situation involving non-kitten entities, for example, "Important Government Business," "Important Stoner Business," or "Important Jesus Business". Additionally, use of the word "kitten" can be retained for ironic effect even when the object of comment is not a kitten.)

Q: "What is Snickers doing with that shoelace?"
A: "Important Kitten Business!"

Q: "Amigo has been scratching around in the litter box for like, ten minutes now."
A: "He must be doing Important Kitten Business!"

Q: "What's that police roadblock all about?"
A: "Important police business!"

Q: "What is Rush Limbaugh yelling about?"
A: "Important kitten business!"
by Amiiigo!!! August 18, 2013
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