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Implants Income refers to the practice of a woman getting breast implants just so she can create an adult web site and make money. The women that make money off of the "Implants Income" concept; don't even have to be a model or even be attractive. The idea is that there is a fetish for giant fake breasts and those who are into that fetish don't really care what the woman looks like; as long as her breasts are freakishly large. Examples of Implants Income models are BB Gunns, Chelsea Charms, Echo Valley and Maxi Mounds. All 4 of these models fall into the MILF category and all are not very unique or attractive. But because they are possess giant breasts; they all have web sites that generate large amounts of revenue. So setting up Implants Income is easy. 1# Get giant breasts implants. 2# Create a web site. And 3# Pose for pictures and video clips.
(Woman 1) So I'm trying to find a way to make money without having to really work at it. (Woman 2) What about Implants Income? (Woman 1) What would I have to do? (Woman 2) Just get breast implants and pose. You don't even have to keep in shape or anything. All the guys want to see is your giant freakish breast! You most likely won't be able to leave your house afterwards without looking like a freak, but the money will be good. (Woman 1) I'm Sold! Freakish Breast Here I Come!!!
by the2ndflood August 04, 2008
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