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When someone gets the illusion that they're rich, but their credit or debit card (or both) have very large amounts of debt. Usually the debts are worth THOUSANDS of dollars. Could also be referred to as "The Rich Illusion", or "Rich Dreams".
Waiter - Your total of the bill is thirty dollars.
Roommate 1 - Hey, let me pay the bill because I probably have more money than everyone combined in this restaurant.
Roommate 2 - *Sure you do*. You're experiencing the Illusion of Rich.
Roommate 1 - WHAT?!! I think I'm pretty rich, yeah.

Roommate 2 - Look at the balance I printed off your online banking this morning, you're in debt of over seven thousand dollars!! Your card will probably be declined!
Roommate 1 - Awwwww shit....
Roommate 2 - Exactly. Oh, here comes the waiter now. Let's see what he has to say about your credit card.

Waiter - Excuse me sir, but your card was declined. We tried using it 5 times. We called your bank and they said your not paying your bills and not paying your debt either. They've instructed us to cut your card. We'll employ you for two months in the kitchen here to see if you can pay off your debt and your bill. Have a nice day.

Roommate 1 - Oh crap, my boss is calling. I hope there's no more bad news.
Boss (Screaming) - MOTHERFUCKER!! Your low credit score some of our clients are talking about is losing us lots of potential clients!!! Your FIRRRRRRRRRED!!!!!
Roommate 1 - Okay , lets leave this restaurant now.
Roommate 2 - I think your boss is such an asshole for screaming his ass off like that!
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by Wes the Human November 02, 2015
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