According to Nietzsche’s psychoanalysis, freewill might only be just an illusion. A trick of the mind.

Animals and humans have genes that partially predetermine how they act. But it is really thoughts and beliefs that guide people.
Illusion of Free Will- like Buridan’s Ass which states that an Ass that is equally hungry and equally thirsty will both die of either starvation or thirst if water and food are kept at a same distance but in completely different directions if the Ass can only choose from two. Even if the ASS walks the same way to curb their thirst or hunger, it ends up dying of either thirst or hunger because it can only fulfill one need and not the other. Because the animal acts on instinct it is unable to make a rational decision and distinction and can only go to one option.
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker December 3, 2020
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